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[Solo JP] DAY 1 - Shin-Fuji


Singapore Changi Airport > Narita Airport > Shin-Fuji Station [NASUBI Mt. Fuji Backpackers]

1. Changi Airport > Narita Airport

Reported to Changi Airport in the early morning!

First time traveling to Japan and some more alone without any Japanese knowledge... biggest challenge I had so far!

After my first flight with United Airlines last year to Hong Kong, I realised their flight werent that bad. So I decided to take a second flight with them, and I opened a mileage account, so I hope I can accumulate a free flight soon!

Love their breakfast so much, cheesy omelette with wedges and sausages!
United Airlines,
Singapore-Tokyo (Return Trip)
$434 inclusive taxes 

2. Narita Airport > Shin-Fuji Station

I was mistaken as a Japanese while queuing at the foreigner immigration. The reaction of the immigration uncle was so cute when he realised I am a Singaporean.

Anyway, I did some little homework beforehand, so I bought my Tokyo transport and Keisei Skyliner tickets back to Narita Airport beforehand at the airport.

Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket,
One way Keisei Skyliner and 72 hours Tokyo Subway
Unsure whether was it worth to purchase the 72-hours subway, but who cares, at least I dont have to bother about topping up and metro card and I can freely hop onto subway. Purchasing all the tokyo and Keisei Skyliner transport beforehand allows me to have a gauge how much I can spend everyday. And I dont have to worry about transport even if I overspend before arriving Tokyo.

The counter girl was rather nice, she arranged an open jaw ticket for my Keisei Skyliner, so I can use the tickets any time. And the 72-hours subway tickets only activates when you start on your first ride.

I was mistaken as a Japanese by fellow Singaporeans while queuing for the tickets, and they started asking me transport issues on Japan. Although I told them it was my first time traveling Japan but I dont know why they still insisted asking me on transport. As I really did just a little homework on Japan transport, I think I confused them even more HAHAHA.

Next, I exchanged my JR tickets to JR Pass over the JR counter. The queue was freaking long, I think I queued for 40mins or so.

JR Pass
7 Days Original JR Pass - $354 + Free TA-Q-BIN delivery
I have wrote a review on purchasing JR Pass in my previous post. So I used the exchange order issued in Singapore side and exchanged for the JR Pass in Japan. So whenever you enter the JR station gantry, you have to flash the JR Pass with your train tickets to the train master.

And again I met a traveller, either from Taiwan or China, mistaking me as Japanese again. So she was asking me about Tokyo transport while I was queuing. I panicked cause she was really very serious looking for guidance and I throwing her information from my limited knowledge. I sincerely hope she found her way to her hotel at Tokyo, otherwise I am really sorry.

While processing my exchange order, the counter girl also assisted me to purchase my train tickets to Shin-Fuji.

I had to take the train to Shinagawa and then transfer to another train to Shin-Fuji. (They will recommend you to transfer at Shinagawa instead of Tokyo, as Tokyo is a big mess for beginners)

Japan's high speed trains are similar to Taiwan's. Feeling so comfy. And lucky to have the sunset view!

What I like about Japan... is their WIFI. WIFI is available in all the train stations, so when my SIM card wasnt connecting, I connected to the WIFI at Shingawa Station and informed my hostel my train arrival to Shin-Fuji.

Anyway, I had bought my SIM card in Singapore before the trip, I have wrote a review on my previous post
8 Days 4g/3g SIM CARD
$32.50 + $1.70 (SingPost A.M. Mail)
And my hostel owner came on time to pick me up from the station, despite the fact that I reached at 7-ish in the night!!!

NASUBI Mt. Fuji Backpackers,
$43.16/night (Agoda with Credit Card Promotion) Tatami Japanese Style Room
Obviously I took the front door photo in the morning! The owner was superb, and he claims I am the first Singaporean to visit his hostel. So if any readers out there decided to stay his hostel, please tell him the first Singaporean visitor recommended you to stay.

I was always curious with Tatami rooms, so I decided to spend abit more money to book Tatami room on my first night. The Tatami room was rather spacious, I guess it can fit well with 2 people, but oh well I had the whole room to myself hehe. It was really great to sleep in a futon placed on tatami floorings, I slept well that night. And according to some websites, sleeping on tatami floorings is good for the back and feet.

It was a great way to start my Japan trip!

Was hungry and decided to hunt for food around the hostel. Decided to have Ramen for dinner!

3 Chome-339 Yokowari, Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture 
The Pan-Fried Dumplings were amazing! The staff was so cute, he cant speak English either can I speak Japanese. So we communicated with our body language, when I was doing my payment, he attempted reading the amount in English for me.

Went back to hostel, washed up and settled down. The owner came to my room asking me whether I want to join them for a Super Mario game.

I was bad in electronic games, so I sat there and watch the travelers from Netherlands play. After 20mins I left and headed to bed, I am so exhausted no energy to PR with people.

That's mark the end of my Day 1!

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[Solo JP] DAY 1 - Shin-Fuji
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