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[SOLO KR] Petite France & Namiseom Island 쁘띠프랑스 & 남이섬 종합휴양지

Petite France & Namiseom Island 쁘띠프랑스 & 남이섬 종합휴양지

I always wanted to go Namiseom Island from the awesome Autumn view. So I decided to sign up for a 1 day package tour to avoid all the complicated hassle public transport. I have to admit because I did not do much homework.

Day Tour From Seoul: Petite France & Nami Island,

No reason why I chose KKDAY over KLOOK. But they are using the same local travel agency to run this tour, so just chose whichever site that is giving a better rate.

I chose the pickup at 9.30am at Dongdaemun Hello Apm department store (Dongdaemun history and culture park exit 14). There are several pick up location, but this is the nearest pick up for me.

I opted the Chinese tour and got a Hong Konger tour guide, she was pretty friendly and kept a lookout for me as I am the only person doing solo on the bus.

Had some rest on the bus and reached Petite France! I was excited over Running Man than My Love from Stars.

Such a pity I did not finish the Little Prince book before coming!

Loved the colourful buildings!

Some performance shows running in the morning.

Time to roam about the area!

There is a small room to watch about the Petite France.

And trying to take selfies with all the possible Little Prince!

I did felt like at some french town!

Pretty view from the top!

Some short stretch of walking trail... and Little Prince was waiting at the end of it.

Rather simple interior design inside the colourful houses!

Autumn was everywhere, even on the walls.

So hopped onto the bus, headed to our lunch restaurant! I guess it was good to be on package tour; they ensure you are well fed.

So I had to share a pan of spicy stir-fried chicken with rice cake with a couple from Hong Kong. It was a bit strange sharing food with 2 other person you dont really know... but thankfully they were quite hygienic. I guess the best thing on the package tour was meeting a Singaporean Mum&Son sitting right next to me during lunch. Finally I get to speak some Singlish, which really made me feel real good!

After lunch we had to queue for the ferry, but there is a zip-line down to Nami Island too, but the tour guide said that the wait time was ridiculous, otherwise I really dont mind paying to try.

So, time for the ferry!

The brochure's Autumn photo was what I am expecting, but I came during early autumn so I am pushing my luck hah.

F&E time to roam around the island; either by foot or by bike. I chose to roam around on foot to fully immerse into this autumn season!

There were books at the shelter area for some good read.

The hit Korea drama Winter Sonata had their first kiss scene over here. Which brought the hype of this island.

Pre-Autumn was awesome with light shade of green leaves. Rows and rows of tall giant trees!

A nice tourist helped me with a photo with the trees!

But I preferred selfie more!

Sighted my first Red Leaves tree!

And a huge area of maple trees - MAPLE LANE!

Squirrel everywhere running about!

Time to leave this beautiful island... ):

This marks my 8 hours day trip with KKDAY. Definitely worth the price paid with all these awesome views and fuss-free transportation! Recommended for solo or group; had sufficient time to roam about the 2 areas!

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[SOLO KR] Petite France & Namiseom Island 쁘띠프랑스 & 남이섬 종합휴양지
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